Friday, March 22, 2013

Camo not just for hiding anymore...

Can we agree a well made camouflage hat can be fashionable, elegant even?
Camo is indeed a current fashion statement. In activities from mudd'n to marry'n, it is being worn as much by women now as by men. A quick Google search will lead you to all things camo including fashions from lingerie to wedding gowns.
So if you really wanna tell your guy that you're a true outdoors woman who knows how to hide in the woods, throw on a pair of Mossy Oak panties, a Jamaica Camo tankini and get out there behind that tree.


'Moving Seas' Large Vessel Completed


An Accidental Trout: 'The Watermelon Whale'

This guy was to be "The Trout" that I agreed to make for a dear friend, but as you can plainly see he swam in a different direction and came out of the closet as a cute, but somewhat too big to be a trout, beluga whale. I named him the "Watermelon Whale" because his colors remind me of a cool sweet melon in the heat of summer.
I still have a little work to do before he is ready for his dive into the big ocean of fiber art. His water spout is just stuck in the blow hole for the photo. I plan to secure it and add embelishments. Also his lips and teeth are to be added, stuffing to be completed and a stand made.
'Watermelon Whale'

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm here and still felting

Here it is the middle of March and I am still behind with my blogging! Shame, shame on me! Please come back and visit again soon. I am felting and do have new things to show you.
In fact, I just made my first wool hat with skillful instruction from master felter and teacher Chad Alice Hagen in her Fabulous Felt Hats book.
Maybe today will be a good day for taking pictures of works in process. Let's go try!

Front Cover