Sunday, January 6, 2013

New studio blog in the works...

After a couple years of work setting up my new felting studio, it's finally ready and this new blog is for highlighting the work I am doing in the Wooly Hair Studio.
I will be leaving my 'Familiar Others' blog online, as moving all those blog entries of my older works seems foolish. Besides who has time?
My first blog entry here will be pictures of recent projects I have been working on. That's all I have for now folks. Hope you enjoy.


Three Christmas Angels & One Little Fairy

Ms. Lucy Gets Her Wings


Pumpkin Face Vessel



Fall Colors Vessel


'In Uterine' Womb Vessel No. 1



 'The Trout' Assignment



Trout & Other Fishes - Trial & Error Fun

First Layout - Looks VERY Big...Hummm?!


Not Exactly the Client's Desire!
Although the Color Layers and Lace Inset are Pretty

But Still, Not a Trout!
Let's Try Again With Needle Felted Core

But This Fish Flopped Big Time & Bit the Dust in the Trash Bin
But if at First...Try, Try Again
Result...One Pretty Trout, One Very Strange Exotic Fishy
& One Charming Beluga Whale (Latter Two Are Still to be Finished)

How I do love felting! And I have much yet to learn.

Come along with me on this wonderful adventure.





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  1. Diana, your work is lovely! I'm excited to see the rainbow trout pieces! Great job!